• Opinion - SAS war crimes: 'killing became incentivised, a toxic culture grew'

    The decision-makers that green-lighted this mess of a war, year after year, are just as culpable.
  • If it bleeds, we can kill it

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  • MBA? It’s the wrong question

    An MBA is not what you crave. It’s the skills to contribute – a seat at society’s table, earned, not gifted from pity.
  • Choose War: Fighting Trauma

    “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”
  • How to Transform

    This is a Part 1 of a short series on my tips for transitioning from military to business

    If you plan to eventually leave the military, keep reading.

  • Educating Returned Soldiers

    he bill for my post-graduate education totalled $225,000 US dollars, not including living expenses.
  • Kill Kapture launches Rainf4ll, a Blockchain-Enabled, Physically Connected Non-Fungible Token (pcNFT) Platform

    Kill Kapture is on a mission to enhance the way people interact with their belongings. We're doing this through a new blockchain-enabled, pcNFT pla...