Kill Kapture launches Rainf4ll, a Blockchain-Enabled, Physically Connected Non-Fungible Token (pcNFT) Platform

Kill Kapture is on a mission to enhance the way people interact with their belongings. We're doing this through a new blockchain-enabled, pcNFT platform (Rainf4ll) which allows our customers to digitally verify the provenance and permanence of Kill Kapture physical products.

Simply use any of the latest mobile devices (iPhone or Android) and tap/scan (no app required) the smart label (newer jackets). Below is a video example of scanning the smart label found in The Pathfinder Jacket, Full Metal Jacket and Juliet Jackets:

"What does this mean for me?" You may ask yourself. Now you can verify and prove the Kill Kapture item is authentic, whether the item has been stolen/lost in the past, and prove ownership of Rainf4ll enabled products.

In the example above, all of a consumer's Kill Kapture items are stored in an easy-to-access “digital wallet”. This means that if you ever sell or give away any Rainf4ll enabled Kill Kapture item - it can be transferred easily and quickly to another person without having to worry about tracking down physical copies of paperwork! The feature also allows consumers to add “events” (like Instagram posts) onto their Chronicles for each individual product so that you can build stories for your cherished possessions with ease!

If you have and older version of The Pathfinder Jacket and want to get it fitted with Rainf4ll via Operation Total Recall (video HERE), or, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

If you run a veteran business, sell physical items, and would like you’re products to be Rainf4ll enabled, please contact us at

Operation Total Recall (retrofit older Pathfinders with Rainf4ll) in the works: