You probably don't fit in. 

Neither do we. 

Designed by special operators, hand-made in New York City, I brought a little piece of the war home. 

You're not like them - we know.

This for you. 

"I grew up in the west Aussie desert, but found my purpose in the military. Special ops bought the dedication to excellence, training and discipline that I loved. The best teams, skills and missions on Earth.

After 16 years in the army I came home, in search of a new mission.

In the new search for meaning - I created Kill_Kapture. Somehow Madison Avenue forgot to talk to real men." - Mark Wales, Founder


So we built a new uniform, for men who refuse to hide what they truly are. It's mean, streamlined and fast.

Tough Luxury is here.

Join us.



Tested for 24 months on the mean streets of Philly, New York, and the Samoan Jungle: The Pathfinder Leather Jacket is finally ready for action


All models are combat veterans 

Not sure what size you'll need? Check out our sizing guide.

Limited Run Of Jackets Shipping In 10-12 Weeks

Product Specifications: Hand-made in New York City, Kangaroo Leather Exterior, Fur Lining (collar/cuff), high end hardware

More products coming soon: War & Peace Rum: a special little dark rum as a tribute to our finest in-country currency