You probably don't fit in. 

Neither do we. 

Designed by special operators, hand-made in New York City, we brought a little piece of the war home. 

You're not like them - we know. We made this for you. 



Our Operators

World Peace - and killer jackets. That's all we want.

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Mark Wales

Mark grew up on the west coast of Australia and served with an Aussie special ops unit in Afghanistan. He noticed that the uniforms they were issued were highly functional - and looked amazing. Sensing a possible mad fashion play, Mark rolled out a prototype jacket at the Wharton School of Business and named the brand 'Kill_Kapture', after the mission profiles of special operations teams. The Pathfinder Jacket was built around the values of a sense of purpose and duty - a tribute to the work of small teams in the world's most hostile environments.


Scott Lehman

Scott (centre) is a former Recon Marine, and OP IRAQI FREEDOM veteran who was part of the initial push to Baghdad in 2003. Scott attended Wharton also, but missed the teamwork, thrill and grit of service in a special ops unit. Scott and Mark joined forces when they realized many fashion brands promoted military themes, but missed the mark on authenticity. 

Tested for 24 months on the mean streets of Philly, New York, and Melbourne: The Pathfinder Leather Jacket is finally ready for action


Join one of the teams - $1750 USD

All models are combat veterans 

Not sure what size you'll need? Check out our sizing guide.

Limited Run Of Jackets Shipping In 10-12 Weeks

Product Specifications: Hand-made in New York City, Kangaroo Leather Exterior, Fur Lining (collar/cuff) Mil Spec Hardware